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Explore the beauty of Badshahi Mosque - Explore Pakistan


Badshahi Mosque

As we know that the Badshahi mosque is known as the largest mosque in the world. It is the most oldest and beautiful mosque in Lahore. This article belongs to explore the Badshahi Masjid in Lahore.

 Where is Badshahi Mosque located?

It is located just opposite the Lahore Fort. The food street is also opposite of Badshahi Masjid. The area where the mosque is located is called the walled city and also known as the old Lahore.

Old Lahore is the historic core of Lahore. This is the eldest area in Lahore. The Lahore city was established around 1000 CE in the western half of the Walled City.

Night view of Badshahi Mosque

Specialty of  Badshahi  Mosque

The Mosque is a significant illustration of Mughal design, with an outside that is finished with cut red sandstone with marble decorate. It stays the biggest mosque of the Mughal time and is the second-biggest mosque in Pakistan.

History of  Badshahi  Mosque

Badshahi mosque is a very profound and verifiable mosque simply opposite the Lahore fort and food street. It got the blessed relics of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the mates. This mosque completed in 1674 under Aurangzeb as the Mughals' last compositional indulgence, the brilliant Badshahi Mosque, inverse the fundamental passage to the Lahore Fort. Badshahi Masjid is one of the world's biggest mosques. Loaded with immense doors, four tightening minarets of red sandstone, three huge marble vaults, and an open yard said to hold up to 100,000 individuals, it was harmed by the British and later reestablished.

 Beauty of  Badshahi  Masjid

The rooms over the passageway door are said to house hairs of the Prophet Mohammed and different relics. The mosque looks stunning when it's enlightened in the evening. The night view of the mosque makes inner Lahore more and more beautiful. The beauty of the mosque attracts many people.

Inner View Of Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque in 1991

In 1991 the mosque got worldwide features when hardline mullahs (Muslim strict pioneers) fought at the visit of the late Princess of Wales; her skirt was viewed as too short and the overseer of the mosque was reprimanded for introducing (the at that point) HRH, a non-Muslim, with a duplicate of the Quran and permitting her into the sacrosanct areas while shamelessly dressed. The case went to court and finished with the defendant mullahs being requested to quit burning through the appointed authority's time

Courtyard of Badshahi Mosque

The tremendous construction of Badshahi Masjid makes it perhaps the most conspicuous mosque in Lahore. The second you stop before this milestone, you'll be welcomed by a monstrous entryway. When you cross the passage entryway, you'll venture into an extensive yard, which can house a large number of admirers all at once. Following a couple of moments of stroll in the yard, you'll need to climb a couple of steps to get into the lobby of the mosque.

Tomb of Allama Iqbal

In the patio stands the Tomb of Allama Mohammed Iqbal, a humble dedication in red sandstone to the thinker artist who during the 1930s initially hypothesized the possibility of an autonomous Pakistan

Capacity  of  Badshahi  Mosque

100,000 admirers are worship in Mosque. Back in the seventeenth century the Badshahi mosque utilized for war more than worship.

For a very long time, the Badshahi Mosque was the biggest on the planet. With limit with regards to 100,000 admirers on its grounds, it overshadowed the Taj Mahal, a design that could fit inside the monstrous yard.

Nikah Ceremony in Badshahi Mosque

The simple nikah ceremony is held in this mosque. Many couples want a nikkah ceremony here. it is a beautiful place for starting a beautiful relation with a lot of beautiful memories.

Opening and Closing time of Badhshahi Mosque

The Badshahi mosque remains open the whole week or entire day. You can easily make a plan to visit a mosque according to the given timings of mosque.

Badshahi Mosque Opening Hours are 8 am till 8 pm usually till isha prayer. After isha mostly the mosque remains close.

Ticket price for entering in Badshahi Mosque

The ticket price for Badshahi Mosque is very affordable. everyone can visit this place easily because it is the most affordable place to visit in Lahore.  The entry fee is only 40 PKR. This place is open on every event or occasion 

 Hotels nearby Badshahi Masjid

  • Fort View Hotel
  • Haveli Restaurant
  • Andaaz Restaurant
  • Shah Chicken Tawa Roast
  • Cooco’s Den
  • Shahi Baithak Restaurant
These are some famous hotels nearby the Badshahi Masjid. So people can easily visit the mosque or enjoy their lunch or dinner after visiting the mosque 

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