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Kumrat Valley - A heaven on earth - KPK, Upper Dir

Kumrat Valley

When we see the word fairyland the first thing that comes to our mind is that what is the fairyland is. Why we called kumrat as fairyland. Kumrat valley is also known as the paradise on earth because is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan which attracts the millions tourist. It is one of the fantastic valleys of KPK, and a picturesque spot for all the travelers who came and take pictures of beautiful scenes and this valley is also an adventure spot for all the tourists who came from all over Pakistan and the rest of the world. 

The people who live in Pakistan are blessed with such a beautiful and scenic valley. The people can also enjoy and explore these amazing and God-gifted environments by visiting these paradises on earth. People can also enjoy the natural climate and wind of this valley.

Kumrat Valley

A little bit about Kumrat Valley:

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley is a delightful valley in the upper Dir district of KP, the province having 70% of complete the travel industry potential locates that have in Pakistan. The geology and splendor of this lovely valley make kumrat a stunning reality. We can say that there is heaven on earth. Kumrat valley is in itself a vacationer location that offers a natural climate, harmony, and excellence to appreciate, however, when you visit this wonderful valley, you should investigate these locations in this valley including Bara Dand Lake, Panjkora River, Wooden Canals, Thall in Kumrat Valley, Dojanga, Thal in Upper Dir, Waterfall in Jahaz Banda, Do Kala Chasma.

The best season for visiting Kumrat valley:

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley makes more and more beautiful during the summer season that’s why the best season is for visiting tot valley in summer. Every summer season, millions of tourists and travelers, both local and foreign, from different areas of the world, especially from Pakistan, visit Kumrat valley and enjoy the greenery and cool climate in this elegant beautiful valley.

They enjoy the fantastic environment of Kumrat covered with green fields, snowy mountains, the river Panjkora, foggy hills, and forests are other plants of the region, which serve as homes for a variety of flora.

A way to kumrat valley from Lahore:

The Kumrat valley is very far away from Lahore the road distance between them is 705.5 km. it almost takes 12 h to 13 hr. The main question that arises is how we get to kumrat from Lahore. First, you get a ticket for Islamabad from Lahore then you reach the m2 motorway. After reaching Islamabad you move m1 from m2. 

From sher khan interchange you will enter swat express. While traveling you can see the beautiful high mountains on one side and on the other side you can see the deep downriver. While reaching the upper Dir you can see the door of kumrat which is known as the BABE KUMRAT. Now while entering the door of kumrat you reach the Partraak. After reaching the Partraak point the road condition became worst.

Famous hotel in Thal:

Hotel Green Hill Thal

When you arrive at Thall. This the most beautiful place to visit you can stay here for a day to explore many ideas about Thall. And it is possible to reach from thal to kumrat in the same day

There is one hotel named Hotel Green hill for stay. It is located in the main rod running through Thall Bazar.

How to get from Thal to Kumrat:

Thal to Kumrat Road

To get from Thall to Kumrat you need to get a jeep with a driver you cost for a jeep almost 2000 to 4000. It will take most probably 2 to 3 hours through the narrow valley to the point where the beautiful mountains open and wide again. During traveling you will pass through an army checkpoint.

Where we stay in Kumrat Valley:

Kumrat Valley Camps

After 2 to 3hr, you reached the Kumrat valley. This is the most beautiful and attractive place in Pakistan. After reaching your destination point you have to buy a tent camp or container for your stay. And you have to pay for a tent or container. You can get a tent at similar rates as compared to the container. The container is costly for us. Here you will only found one tuck shop.

 So it is better that you have to bring your food and snacks items. There is no electricity, no mobile and internet service required. At nights there is only one light outside the camps. The security guard stays the whole night for the safety of the camps where the people stayed. The guard fires a gun after every one hour just to stay away from the lions and any other animal.

The beauty of kumrat valley:

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley is such a peaceful place. The people enjoy the peaceful environment of the valley while sitting in the mid of the river. This valley offers limitless excellence when one can visit and appreciates the most astonishing views. Lovely perspectives on the encompassing mountains, green trees, running water in the stream, and trenches make it much epic. Especially, stream Panjkora moves through the Kumrat Valley and adds to the excellence of the space. The cascades and lakes, on the off chance that one is partial to cascades, this spot as the guests can appreciate wonderful and astonishing cascades because there are various cascades in this amazingly lovely spot.

Reviews of Foreign Tourist:

There are many tourists including foreigners and local who visits Kumrat valley in every year. The tourist said they had never seen such a beautiful place anywhere. They said they found a wave of peace here, they forgot all the depressions which are holding in their mind. They feel relaxed and think that their minds have been fresh.


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