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Top Five Desi Restaurants in Lahore - A City of Lighthouse

Haveli Restaurant Lahore

Lahore is one of the renowned cities of Pakistan. Lahore is celebrated on account of its traditional food and historical places. Lahore, the exciting and vivacious city of Pakistan is known across the globe for its broad cooking styles. If we talk about the Restaurants in Lahore From payee to papyri chat to BBQ to karahis and numerous other Desi food. Lahore is famous for Desi cooking styles that will take you to a food venture you won't ever neglect. 

In this awake city, there are so numerous things you can do. You can take a dip in the best pools in Lahore or appreciate shopping from the tops shopping malls in Lahore.

Lahori Desi Food:

Desi Food

If you need to go outside for a late-night craving you can. All spots in Lahore convey huge worth and merit your time. Desi Restaurants in Lahore are well known with the name of Desi Lahori food. You should visit these Desi restaurants once in your life. On the off chance that you are visiting Lahore soon, you need to evaluate these restaurants without any doubt.

1) Haveli Restaurant Lahore

Haveli Restaurant Lahore

If you are looking for the best Desi Restaurants in Lahore so you should visit the haveli restaurant. Haveli The restaurant is situated in the noteworthy Haveli Khalil Khan, which is a structural milestone of the Fort Road Food Street in Lahore. This restaurant is just beside the Badshahi Mosque. Food Street is one of the wonderful spots in Lahore. The Haveli Khalil Khan is in itself an interesting portrayal of the rich legacy of Lahore. Its wooden galleries and jharokhas, hand-cut entryways and windows, created iron railings, sun-dried level blocks, handcrafted tiles, and other classical highlights make it an encapsulation of the old 'Walled City' trademark style. Haveli restaurants attract people with their wall paints and traditional sitting and rooftop area.

Haveli restaurant presenting many types of food items which contain starters, soups, BBQ, beverages, Taka Tak, karahis items, Namak handi, Khabay, family platters, steam roast, tandoori chicken, Haveli Halwai, coffee bar, side orders, Khokha, handi (chicken, mutton), china express, Chinese rice, and bhajiTarkari section.

Haveli’s Famous Desi Food Item:

If you want to go for a traditional Desi handi so you should go for Makhni handi. The taste of the food is so good and fine.

If you want to have lunch or dinner with your friends and family you should choose haveli. And if you want to arrange a party or a small or big get-together the haveli restaurant is the best place to be.

My Review:

Taste: 10/10

Quality: 10/9.5

Staff: 10/9

Management: 10/9

Dinning: 10/9.5

Location: 2170-A food street, near Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Mohalla, Lahore, Lahore, Punjab.

Contact number: 0300 8414899

2) Butt Karahi Lahore

Butt Karahi Lahore

If you are searching for the best Desi Restaurants in Lahore and you wanna eat some desi karahi in Lahore so you need to leave the wide range of various restaurants and should go for butt karahi. 

Who doesn't know about the famous Butt Karahi? It is perhaps the best eatery in Lahore. By perusing the restaurant name you expected that it is famous for its best karahi. Butt karahi is offered numerous food things like Desi food, fast food, continental food, and sweet dishes yet its most famous variety is karahi. Their lip-smacking Karahis with an ideal mix of sauce, heaps of delicate meat, the ideal equilibrium of flavors, and the ideal measure of embellishing will leave your taste buds in wonder. The steaming hot karahis with newly prepared rotis at a moderate cost will fill your heart with joy without a doubt. 

Famous Branch Butt Karahi Lahore:

Famous Branch Butt Karahi Lahore

Butt Karahi has a few branches all over Pakistan however the most popular branch is situated at the Laxmi Chowk, Lahore.

My Reviews on Butt Karahi:

Taste: 10/10

Quality: 10/9.5

Staff: 10/8

Management: 10/8

Dinning: 10/8.5

Location: Gita Bhavan building 18/3, Lakshmi Chowk, McLeod Rd, Royal Park, Lahore, Punjab 54000.

Contact number: 0335 4005826

3) Muhammadi Nihari Lahore

Muhammadi Nihari Lahore

Lahori considers Nihari lovers. If you are looking for the best Nihari Restaurants in Lahore so Muhammadi Nihari is for you. Luckily, this place bests my Desi Nihari list in Lahore since it serves the best warm, finger-licking-magnificent Nihari. The best part is the way the taste is unaltered for quite a long time. Muhammadi Nihari serves various kinds of Nihari like chicken, mutton, magaz, and beef Nihari.

Original Branch of Muhammadi Nihari Lahore:

Muhammadi Nihari Lahore

Numerous parts of Muhammadi Nihari is there in Lahore yet if you are looking for the best taste so you should go for mozang chungi, Muhammadi Nihari Lahore

My Reviews on Muhammadi Nihari:

Taste: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Staff: 10/8

Management: 10/8

Dinning: 10/7.4

Location: Miani Sahib Road, Saadi Park Mozang Chungi , Punjab 54000

Contact number: (042) 37803043

4) Monal Restaurant

Monal Restaurant

Everyone knows about the Monal. Monal is a famous rooftop restaurant in Islamabad and Lahore. Monal is the Desi restaurant where you found various varieties of food. The part of Monal Restaurant is Located on the highest level of Liberty Plaza, in Gulberg in Lahore. Gulberg is a generally evolved and modern space in Lahore. Monal is known for its smorgasbord snacks and meals, which is generally famous. This is categorized in the best Restaurants in Lahore

The mood at Monal is presented day and stylish, and you can appreciate the stupendous perspective on the city if you sit outside. Notwithstanding newly cooked chicken tikka and different meats, they likewise have a couple of 'Chinese food' alternatives which I discovered interesting! 

There was a plate of mixed greens bar and a decent choice of organic products. Individuals can mastermind any sort of capacity, or get together here. It is the best spot for a get-together. You ought to appreciate the perspective of Lahore and take excellent photos of yours. You can sit, walk and enjoy the fantastic environment of Monal. 

Monal Buffet

Buffet rates of Monal Lahore:

The dinner buffet was about Rs 2150+taxes per person. The dinner buffets serve an ever-increasing number of varieties of food. The lunch buffet was around 1700 to 1800 for each person. However, if you enjoy the best food and great climate too, only go for a dinner buffet that offers different Desi things. In Lahore, Monan is the best and best rooftop Restaurants in Lahore

My Reviews:

Taste: 10/8.5

Quality: 10/8.5

Staff: 10/9

Management: 10/9

Dining: 10/10

Location: Plaza Liberty Park and Ride plaza, Liberty Chowk, Round About, Gulberg 111, Lahore.

Contact number: (042) 35789824

5) Qabail Restaurant Lahore

Qabail Restaurant Lahore

If you are looking for the best Pashtun Restaurants in Lahore then Qabail is always best. Qabail is famous for its Pashtun dishes. On the off chance that you are searching for a legitimate Pashtun in Lahore, you need to visit the Qabail café. Situated at the core of MM Alam Road, Qabail offers a few true Pashtun dishes including khadi kabab and conventional Pashtun BBQ dishes. 

Probably the most mainstream dishes of Qabail Restaurant incorporate Chapli kabab, Namkeen chicken karahi, assortments, and Handis and kewa. Furthermore, the clincher is the Attan dance execution in the evening. So if you are anticipating a decent night out with loved ones, that too on a tight spending plan, we recommend you think about Qabail Restaurant.

My Reviews about Qabail:

Taste: 10/9

Quality: 10/9

Staff: 10/9

Management: 10/9

Dinning: 10/9.5

Location: MM Alam Rd, 46-A Block C 1 Gulberg 111, Lahore, Punjab.


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